The Insights Learning and Development System

Each individual is different. Understanding yourself, others and interactions can be the single most important aspect of personal, team or organizational development.

The Insights Discovery System is a comprehensive, next-generation psychometric system that is focused on the workplace. At the heart of the Insights System is the Insights Discovery Personal Profile. The profile is Web-based and consists of a multi-question evaluator which takes less then 20 minutes to complete. From the responses provided, the software generates, a detailed description of an individual. This report is divided into sections and identifies an employee’s motivational drives, perceived value to a team, blind spots that can create conflicts, and suggestions for development. The system is supported by a robust blend of e-learning solutions which can be customized to the individual, team or organization.

The Insights Discovery Personal Profile system is currently being used in 30 countries, and is available in 17 different languages.

There are many benefits that hundreds organizations have achieved with the Discovery System, including:

  • Better communication within project teams
  • Ability to understand and value differences in others
  • More skillful and productive interactions
  • Improved commitment and motivation of employees

The Insights Core Program can be integrated with various processes within an organization, including:

  • Setting Strategic Directions
  • Leadership Development
  • Retaining and Re-engaging Employees
  • Diversity
  • Managing Team Dynamics
  • Developing Cross Functional Teams

The Insights Discovery System has other applications that can ensure long-term, lasting improvement in performance for individuals and teams, including:

  • Team Effectiveness
  • Sales Success
  • Organizational Development
  • Cultural Assessment and Change