360 Degree Assessment Process

Intergistic Solutions Overview

A 360-degree assessment is a feedback questionnaire that provides information about an individual’s skills and performance. The data is gathered from the individual’s supervisor, peers and direct reports via an online survey. The feedback is provided confidentially and allows the individual to compare their self-evaluation with those of other raters.

Feedback is an important element in professional and personal development. However, most often individuals only receive feedback from their supervisor. Use of the 360-degree assessment process allows employees to be assessed by those who see their performance from a variety of perspectives. To determine if this process is right for your organization, ask yourself:

  • How do you know if your employees have the competencies for your “go forward” plan?
  • Do you have a process in place that helps develop individuals into leaders?
  • How well does each employee understand his/her value to the team?
  • Do your managers feel comfortable giving critical as well as positive feedback?

Intergistic Solutions will work collaboratively with an organization to develop the 360-degree assessment with a list of competencies that are customized to the organization. The outcome from this process will be a list of behaviors and skills that are critical to the success of the organization. This process will promote alignment of individuals’ competencies with the organization’s goals. These competencies will form the core of a leadership development program.

Feedback from the tool accelerates individual performance development by providing data on what a person is doing well, in addition to areas for improvement. One of the key benefits is that over time, staff members can build skills that are focused on the competencies the organization needs to succeed.

For most people, it is not enough to simply receive feedback. Follow-up with an experienced coach after the data has been analyzed and interpreted will accelerate the learning process. A part of this process usually involves the creation of a customized development plan that will help the individual leverage their strengths and identify goals and action steps for improvement. The executive coach can then continue to facilitate change and monitor progress of the individual.

Our 360-degree feedback system is powered by Panoramic Feedback®