Intergistic Solutions. A Virtual CEO™ Certified Solutions Provider

Virtual CEO™ (VCEO) products dramatically reduce the time it normally takes to go through a strategic planning process, which includes identifying needs, developing solutions, planning actions and supporting execution. VCEO offers the only fully integrated assessment and action planning software system in the marketplace.

Intergistic Solutions is a VCEO Certified Solutions Provider.

VCEO offers a unique, Web-based assessment tool, which uses a dynamic model to assess performance across 3 Core Drivers critical to running a healthy, well-rounded organization: strategy, design and culture. This assessment is conducted by asking staff members to evaluate the organization against 189 Best Practice statements tied to 41 business disciplines.

VCEO aggregates the responses from the assessment team and produces a “Results and Key Findings” report. This comprehensive report is clear, action-focused, and available immediately. This entire assessment process can be completed in hours/days as opposed to weeks/months using traditional methods.

Once the organizational assessment is complete, Intergistic Solutions’ consultants utilize VCEO’s interactive action planning software to facilitate an Action Planning Meeting. The software conveniently captures the agreed-upon goals, accountabilities, milestones and measurements electronically. No more walls covered with flip charts or masking tape—the action plan can be printed and distributed immediately!

Finally, VCEO’s action planning software supports execution of the Action Plan by helping the management team easily track progress. It also provides project owners with real-time reminders tied to key milestones. All this ensures that execution of the Action Plan is not buried in day-to-day demands and distractions, which is common with most strategic planning processes.

In addition to the standard Corporate Edition, VCEO’s assessment system is available in industry specific editions, including: Small Business, Banking, Credit Union, Government, Healthcare, Non-Profit and Education. VCEO also has specialized assessment tools available based-on the same integrated technology platform. These include H.R. Climate Plus, Customer Service, Performance Excellence (Malcolm Baldridge Criteria) and Military Command.