Intergistic Solutions’ Organization Design & Development

Intergistic Solutions helps align human elements with the strategic direction of a client company by designing customized interventions and by providing tools and methodologies in areas such as:

  • Organizational and HR Planning
  • Staffing and Selection Systems
  • Performance Management Systems
  • Development Systems
  • Individual and Team Rewards and Recognition Systems

Once a strategic plan for an organization has been developed, the process of alignment begins with an analysis of several elements of your organization:

  • What key positions are needed to fulfill the coming year’s needs?
  • Forecasting: What are the headcount needs for the coming planning period?
  • Succession Planning: Who in your organization can fill the positions created as a result of the strategic planning process?
  • Selection Systems: Which positions will need to be filled from outside the current organizational structure?
  • Competency Gaps: What would prevent your current key players from taking significant roles in the coming year?
  • Culture Evolution: How does your organization need to change in order to accomplish the challenges of the strategic plan?
  • Individual and Team Development Systems: Do you have the resources within your organization to evolve to a higher level of performance?
  • Reward Systems: Will your key players feel motivated to accomplish the goals of the organization?

Intergistic Solutions employs a wide variety of tools and methodologies necessary to help organizations implement their strategic plans, including:

  • Organizational and Human Resource Planning
  • 4 Quadrant Competency Model
  • Cultural Assessments
  • Employee Surveys
  • Career Development Processes
  • Core Competency Identification

These tools and methodologies have been implemented in a variety of organizations and have resulted in significant improvement in the organization’s ability to quickly follow the strategic plan to optimal success.