Setting the Direction for Greater Performance

The ability to develop and execute strategy is critical, but so is finding the time to focus on the planning process.

While strategy development is important, an intentional execution process is essential to insure success. Intergistic Solutions assists organizations with dynamic strategic planning. We help clients focus and develop a clear, obtainable plan that answer the following questions:

  • Where are we now?
  • Where do we want to be?
  • How will we get there?
  • Who must do what by when?
  • How are we doing?

The partners of Intergistic Solutions have gained broad industry experience from holding key leadership roles in organizations ranging from successful start-ups to large international corporations. Our strategic planning process and approach is based on sound business principles—and creates an exciting vision and key goals.

  • initial assessment
  • vision and mission development
  • executable action plans to achieve a vision
  • metrics for measuring success

This process strongly emphasizes uniting the management team around the dynamic development and implementation of the plan.

In addition to facilitating the strategic planning process, Intergistic Solutions’ partners are available to assist with implementation of the plan. Consultation may include the following areas important in the successful execution of strategy:

  • Communicating the plan to translate the strategy into operational terms
  • Getting everyone on the same page to align departmental and individual goals with overall company strategy
  • Developing organizational design to form basic structure, core competencies and organizational efficiency
  • Identifying organizational culture to maximize values and beliefs, leadership and human resource systems

The tools and methodologies we use in our strategic planning process may also assist in providing outcomes that have the highest probability for success. This includes facilitated planning sessions, VCEO™ Best Practices Models, and leadership and cultural assessments.